Historical photo of the Benedikt family

The history of G. Benedikt company began in 1882, when Benedikt brothers founded a porcelain factory in Dvory, which was in honour of their founders named "Gebrüder Benedikt". First porcelain products for hotels and restaurants began to be produced after 1958, when they were introduced in the production of new collections of hotel porcelain such as Principle, Prague, Diana, Fort, Melody and Kent until the factory became the exclusive manufacturer of porcelain for hotels and gastronomy. A milestone in the development of the company was the year 1992. The factory became - under the privatization process - a part of the concern Keramik Holding AG Laufen as Hotelový porcelain Karlovy Vary a.s. During the existence of this company took place in the world unique project of transferring the production of renowned brands Langenthal and Lilien into the factory in Dvory. In 2002 the company was bought by Czech company Polyflex, which also took over the historical name G. Benedikt and brought the capital needed for its further development.

The current G. Benedikt company's range is still manufactured under their brand names Lilien Austria and Langenthal Swiss. Same as G. Benedikt brand all products are focused on professional clientele for hotels and gastronomy. Our products are distributed throughout Europe, the US and other countries around the world.

Pre-war collection of G. Benedikt production